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Heirloom Foyer Table

January 13, 2012

Somewhere along the way of the “How to Decorate??” Conversation, my husband said:

“We need a table in the walkway”.

I said: “In the foyer??” clearly surprised at this idea.

“Yeah,” he said.

And then it began.  My parents always had a “Foyer Table”, and only because of that did I even know the “walkway” in the front of the house was called the Foyer .  I was responsible for dusting of the “LR/DR/F”  (Living room, dining room, foyer – that’s how my Mom wrote it on the chore list), and it always sticks out in my mind because I usually managed to miss the foyer part.  “Did you dust the foyer table?” my mom would ask and I would say “Nope, I forgot,” as I got the “dusting stuff” back out.

So I thought we probably did need a foyer table.  It would give me a spot to decorate that people would see when they walked in the front door, and that would make the house look welcoming and….well, decorated!

I searched Craigslist daily for something that would fit in the specific location I had in mind, and wouldn’t cost too much.


So I started trying to think if my Mom had something she could give me (ha! Yes, that sounds funny, but they have been trying to clean out their house, so I would be helping them…right?).  And I thought of that foyer table – which they now actually refer to as “The Mail Table”.

I mentioned once or twice several times how well that table would fit in our house…and then one day my Mom called and asked if I wanted it – and then I felt guilty that I asked for it, but she said she really wanted us to have it.

So now it has found a new home in our foyer, and only when they brought it did I find out that it actually belonged to my grandparents.  They actually used it as a table in their bedroom.  And of course, it is a familiar piece of furniture from my childhood, so we’ve very happy to have a little piece of the past to welcome people into our future!


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