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Secret to Clean

January 12, 2012

I have a secret.

It helps me keep my house clean.

OK, maybe it’s not a secret, and I know for sure I’m not the only one that does it.  But I have a simple solution that really helps me keep my house clean by tackling one mess at a time.

Ya know those Clorox Wipes?  They come in that nice, neat container with wipes that are ready to go at a moments notice, AND not only do they clean up a mess super quick with their “little scrubber thingies”, they also kill germs, AND smell really good.

So I keep them in every room in the house!

(and I buy them at Costco….where they come in a giant-sized 4 pack…)


There’s one in my kitchen (which I’m not afraid to display in full sight…and next to my cutesy cow creamer dish)

There’s one in my hall bathroom


And one in our master bathroom



Now, I don’t do a lot of scrubbing of bathrooms or kitchen counters, but these little things help me do a quick wipe of the counter (bathtub, toilet, sink) and feel like it’s neat and clean.

Do you have a secret to clean at your house?

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