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Kitchen Pantry – Cleaning Out

January 9, 2012

As of yesterday, we have lived in our house 1 year! Happy Anniversary House!

On Saturday I made a trip to Costco to take advantage of some great deals (more on that later…).  And when I got home and started putting things away I realized I was LONG overdue on cleaning out the Kitchen Pantry (does everyone call it a pantry? A kitchen closet?  What?).

I started pulling out empty boxes and grouping items and decided I needed some containers.  I thought I would make a list and head to the store, but then I decided that going to the store at that moment would:

A) Take valuable time away from the project I had started

B) cost me money

C) cost me money on items for a system that I don’t know will work for me.

SO I decided to look around for something I already had that I could use – at least for the time being.  I remembered reading this post about using cardboard boxes for organizing, and of course I have some boxes (I’m a Mary Kay Consultant for cryin’ out loud!).

This is what the pantry looked like:

I started grouping like things together  – who knew that I had 6 boxes of pasta? whoops!

Once everything was out, I put groups in my fancy smanchy boxes:

and labeled them – with super fancy sticky notes.

(my theory behind this is that I want to make sure I will use the system before spending resources on more “formal” containers.  If it works and it helps me maintain the pantry I might invest….or I might find a way to make cardboard boxes cute….who knows?)

And now:

Who knew we had so much extra room?!?

Have you used things around your house to organize?  Or have you found out that a space that seems crowded has PLENTY of extra room if you organize it better?

Oh yeah, and here are all the boxes that I threw out… a few were new from the trip to Costco, but I most of them were in there to begin with…

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