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January 2, 2012

So everybody is making those New Year’s Resolutions now…well actually they have probably already made them, but I’m kind of a procrastinator till the last second, so here I am.

You can call ’em Resolutions, Goals, or just a list of things to accomplish this year.  After reading this post from Hayley at The Tiny Twig, Husband and I decided to sit down and talk about what we want this year to look like.  Plans, goals, hopes, dreams, totally out there ideas, whatever.  It was such a great confirmation that we’re on the same page and are looking for the same things this year.

So in no particular order, these are *some* of the things we hope to do in 20120:


Reach Harrison’s goal for sales

Plan a special trip together (thoughts are either New York or a cruise)

Spend time doing Devotionals together

Create a Weekly Plan each week so we each know what we have going on

Faithfully Give to the church

Build savings

Pay off the car

Around the house: Paint, furniture, landscaping, insulate the attic

Mary Kay Goal: Sales Director

Read more books

And most importantly to me, after reading this post  by The Nester, My biggest goal of 2012 is to be intentional about friendship.  Read the post – you’ll be glad you did.


Happy 2012!

(the blue is part of my resolution to use colors besides Red)


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