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Families Photos – and the benefit of taking them after Christmas

December 30, 2011

We haven’t really gotten on board with the sending out photo Christmas cards before the holiday.

Last year, we did an “Elf Yourself” video and emailed it out to family and friends. SO fun! Our video is not there anymore, but you can make one here.

But we did want to have photos from Christmas, and since we had colds and weren’t really feeling  picture worthy  very well, we finally got around to it a few days after Christmas.

And the benefits of taking Christmas pictures after Christmas are numerous!

You get to sport the gifts that your wonderful husband gave you:

Show off the SUPER DEAL you got at the after Christmas sale:

You can add the Christmas ornaments that you received as gifts to the tree:

Then of course, there are the benefits of trying to take a Christmas picture with a dog:

You get to laugh:

(She licked me)


You get to think “this is never going to happen”

And finally, after you have totally given up, your dog will stand perfectly still for a picture that you’re not in:

*Merry (after) Christmas*


The Abbott’s

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