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Working Around Work

December 23, 2011

One of the hardest things to do as a Work and Home Wife is finding time to do all the things that need to be done.

Since we always have 24 hours in a day, the important thing is to make the most of each hour of your time. So if 9 – 5 is spoken for at your J.O.B. when do you do all that extra stuff.

For starters learn to Work Around Work.  Do you have a lunch hour?  Use it to run errands.  Is there a fridge available to you? Buy groceries on your lunch hour and store cold foods until you leave.

Are there other things you’re allowed to do during work time?  Maybe you don’t need to run errands, but could you eat lunch at your desk and write out a meal plan?

A lot of these things depend on your job and if your workplace allows you to use a computer for personal needs. ***PLEASE KNOW YOUR WORK POLICIES BEFORE DOING ANY OF THESE THINGS*** But here are a few possibilities of using time during the day to accomplish your tasks.

On your lunch hour:

Run errands (Bank, Grocery Store, Dry cleaners), have a lunch or coffee meeting with someone who needs to speak with you (or just a friend you want to catch up with!), Go to the gym

At your desk during lunch hour or break time:

Pay bills online, write out a meal plan, write out a grocery list, check and answer emails, make needed phone calls

If you are able to take care of some of these tasks during the day, it will free you up to take care of the home tasks at night – or maybe even relax for a bit!

What are some tasks you are able to accomplish during the day around your work schedule?

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