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December 6, 2011

Belle is our wonderful weimaraner, also referred to frequently as “Belle-a-roo” “Bella-a-boo” or simply “The puppy” (even though she doesn’t look much like a puppy anymore).

A few of her favorite activities include:

Looking cute, AKA – looking pitiful so you will play with her

Sleeping or curling up at the foot of whatever furniture someone is sitting on

Stealing potatoes out of the pantry to chew on
(seriously? Yep, she waited until I opened the door and walked away for TWO seconds, then snuck in and got this)

Trying to look like a human.  

And while she enjoys the nice comfy bed that we bought for her:

She apparently doesn’t like it enough not to chew it apart:


But really she is THE BEST dog.  They say weimaraner are very smart dogs, and it is TRUE.  She listens and obeys commands like “sit”, “down” and “go home” (her crate), and has even learned some other useful ones like “Watch out” – meaning “I’m about to pull out the foot of the recliner and it will hit you if you don’t move”.  She even tells us when she needs to go out by touching her nose to the doorknob.  And We don’t dare say the word “eat” around her unless we plan to feed her immediately because she runs to the dog food container.  

Although, I am concerned she may need rehab after I found the evidence of snorting the cedar chips from her chewed-up bedding:

And I do wish I could get her to pose in front of the Christmas tree for a picture:

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