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Day 7 ??

August 15, 2011

So after my exciting “I did it!” on Tuesday, my body decided it hated and despised anything before 6am and absolutely refused to wake up.  So it was definitely 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.  But I’m determined to keep moving forward, and I am checking things off today!  I’m not sure if I should still call today, “Day 7” but we will just press on.

Well I feel like we had a wonderful weekend…I also feel like I didn’t accomplish anything and that my Monday To-Do List is now really long.
But it was a good break and a good time of chillin’ out. But here’s what we did:
Friday night we babysat for some friends from church – little man went to sleep early and then we just watched tv, easiest babysitting ever!
Saturday we drove to Morgan Creek Winery (which we’ve been wanting to visit for a while!) and tasted some yummy muscadine wine and toured where they make the wine.  Lots of fun!  Then we met our friends Josh and Lauren for lunch.  After that we pretty much went home and laid around the rest of the day:-)
Sunday we enjoyed worship and fellowship with our church family.  And then once again…we had a lazy afternoon and evening.  
Although, we did have a a little bit of excitement.  We went to the La-Z-Boy store…which is always a little dangerous.  But usually we look, talk with a sales lady (it’s ALWAYS the same lady, I feel so bad for her…) think about it for a while and then leave without buying.  And this time we said we were just going to LOOK, we even practiced telling the sales lady “We’re just looking” so we wouldn’t waste her time.
We walked in the door, the same lady greeted us and asked if she could help.  We avoided eye contact, blurted out our rehearsed line and headed the other direction (seriously, this was for her own protection!).  A little while later she wandered to where we were to see if we had found anything.  We told her we were not looking to buy today.  She stuck with us anyway…poor lady.
However, we ended up back at the same couch that we looked at a year ago.  At that time we looked at it, sat on it, thought about it and left.  So yesterday we sat on it again, and this time it was going for a super-duper sale price.  So we sat, and we thought.  And poor sales lady sat with us and talked with us.  Then we told her we had looked at this last year, and she said, “I thought you looked familiar, I remember working with you!” (…great….)
So after much thought, calculation and getting super comfortable on the couches….we bought them!
(well actually we ordered them and will see them sometime in September…)
They really are lovely:
Both sides recline….very nice:-)
So anybody want to buy our old couches??

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  1. August 15, 2011 6:35 pm

    That looks cozy!

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