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Not-so-Lazy Days of Summer

July 7, 2011

Wow, I can’t believe we just celebrated 4th of July….this Summer certainly is flying by!

And it’s a HOT one in Alabama!  Seriously, our air conditioner has no hope of keeping up with these temperatures, and running the fans in our house all the time is the only thing that gets us by.

In June:  We have been busy with Vacation Bible School, trips to the lake, Mary Kay business, and some very exciting news on the job front…stay tuned for details on that!

In July:  We celebrated 4th of July at the lake with my family and with our friends, Josh and Lauren.  We wakeboarded and tubed until we were sore and then we chilled, ate some barbecue and watched Fireworks over the water.  Then the next night (actually the 4th) we met up with Josh and Lauren for dinner and then found a spot to watch “Thunder on the Mountain”, which is the firework display in Birmingham and you can see it from all over the city!  And except for the fact that people were setting off their own fireworks in the parking lot before the real show, it was lots of fun!

This week we are getting ready for my brother’s wedding! Between me being a bridesmaid and Harrison doing photography we are pretty involved….but we’re very excited for Isaac and Erin as they begin their new life together!

So there’s a little bit of an update….despite my goal of “blogging more frequently” this year, I haven’t been so dedicated.  But I’m working on a new weekly to do list, and as I’m fond of saying, “It’s on my list.”

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