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Mary Kay Debut

June 21, 2011

Wow, the last two weeks have gone by so fast!

Two weeks ago today I submitted my consultant agreement with Mary Kay, and it has been going great!

That week I got my Starter Kit:

(I took this picture of the box, but once I opened it I got excited about seeing everything inside and forgot to take a picture of the contents….oops!)
I started using the products, reading the information and listening to training CD’s.
Later that week, I placed my first inventory order, it’s like Christmas in June!

(Terrible pictures of me, but Harrison insisted on “Ribbon Cutting” photos)
That week, I also scheduled my Business Debut with my Director, Nikki, and got to work planning.
The following Monday I sat down with the phone, took a deep breath (or 10…) and started calling friends and family to ask them if they would like to hold a skin care class for me.  I booked my first THREE parties!  (And on Wednesday I booked one more, so four parties booked, yay!).
That week we had a Backyard Bible Club in our neighborhood.  I led music for the night time club and Harrison took pictures.  Since we were there each night, it kept us really busy!
Saturday was my Business Debut! Harrison helped me clean house and prepare for guests, and we made some simple refreshments and set up my Mary Kay display.

The debut was a success!  Only a few friends, family and neighbors were able to come, but we had fun, tried some products, and I made a few sales – and booked another party! (5 total, if you’re counting)
I’m so excited with where this Mary Kay venture will take us! But I was thinking today, why do I want to do Mary Kay?  And what things do I need to remember so I will keep going?  So these are the four reasons I decided to do Mary Kay:
Finances (paying off debt and having extra income)
Freedom (a flexible schedule that I can work around my own hours and plans)
Friendships (to meet and build relationships with other women)
Fun (meeting new people, learning about skin care and colors, playing with makeup, having parties)
Can’t wait to see what the future holds!
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  1. June 21, 2011 12:18 pm

    I got your invitation in the mail! Sorry I couldn't make it. I was out of town! Glad to hear it went well!!! Good luck!

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