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Return of the Blogger

May 13, 2011

***Note, I attempted to post this yesterday, but blogger was down***

Oh wow….my blog IS still here….wasn’t sure.

But here I am….just 1 day shorts of a month since my last post…eeeek!

So we have been completely covered up with a photography project!  We’re doing a church directory for the church where I work and basically we go to work in the morning and when Harrison gets off work he comes to my work and we take pictures until about 8pm.  Then once we get home we work on editing and ordering photos and inputting church member information.  Oh and then we get to take pictures on the weekends too….whohoo!  But seriously, we are thrilled to be doing this project! It is a HUGE boost for the business!!

In other news…..we added to our family in April with the addition of a puppy!  Her name is Belle, she’s a Weimeraner, and is so pretty!

We have had her for a few weeks now and she is growing so fast…she is going to be a very tall dog!

She is very sweet, loving and ACTIVE!
We really love her:-)

For those of you who may not know, Alabama was hit with multiple multiple bad storms and tornados two weeks ago (April 27, 2011), in fact, it has been declared the worse disaster in state history.  Several cities have had major damage, thousands of people lost their homes and many people were killed.  The church where I work sustained a good bit of damage (although, praise the Lord, no one was there at the time) and we were without power for several days.  My boss, who is the Mission Pastor, and I were assigned the task of coordinating relief efforts from the church.  Without power, phones and internet at the church, I worked from home for a week and a half – emailing, texting, tweeting and in general trying to connect volunteers with opportunities to help and serve the hurting communities.  As devastating as the damage is, it has been truly a blessing to see how people have offered everything from their time, to their money to their homes and cars to help others and to share the love of Christ with our neighbors.

If you live outside of Alabama and want to help with relief, there is a great organization that our church partners with in Birmingham called Christian Service Mission.  They have set up an Amazon wish list and if you go to the site and purchase items they will be shipped directly to the mission and used for storm victim relief.  If you would like to purchase items click HERE

SOOOOO that’s what’s been going on with us lately đŸ™‚

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