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Yard Work

April 13, 2011
When we bought our house we were SO excited to have a yard! It’s not huge, but it’s perfectly sized for us.
So last week, we finally decided we had let the grass and weeds grow long enough….especially since we live across the street from this month’s neighborhood “Yard of the Month”.  And even though a tree fell in their yard after they received the coveted award and sign….

we still knew we had a lot of catching up to do.
So during the week, Harrison sprayed the weeds with some kind of weed spray stuff, and then Saturday morning it was time to work!
Harrison made an early morning trip to the home improvement store and borrowed his parents lawn mower.

(We didn’t take any before pictures, they were pretty scary)
Harrison cut the grass, and then we were ready for the real project: A vegetable garden!
We decided it would be best to build a raised garden to plant in.
So we started with this empty spot:

And Harrison built the box:

Then we put gardening cloth down to keep weeds from growing:

added soil:

And then we planted seeds!!
They are there I promise…you just can’t see them…
but we planted zucchini, squash, onions, okra and two kinds of tomatoes.
We felt very accomplished and proud of our work, unfortunately there are no pictures from when we went inside and crashed on the floor from exhaustion….it was a hot day in Alabama:-)
Can’t wait to see “How our Garden Grows”!
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