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1st Married Valentine’s, To-Do Lists and Twitter

February 16, 2011
Our First Married Valentine’s Day was wonderful!
It started out as a not-so-great-Monday, Harrison wasn’t feeling very well and we thought he had an ear infection/cold, and I was losing my voice and thinking I was getting this cold too.
He called mid-day to say he was going to the ENT to get checked out. So I was thinking the biggest thing we were sharing for Valentine’s day was a cold.
But the doctor told him he didn’t have an ear infection, but actually was just having pain in his jaw (TMJ), which was making him feel like his ear hurt.  So no colds for us!
When I got home from work I was surprised to find this:

He had completely taken care of dinner!  Grilled salmon, roasted asparagus and wine. YUM!  
The rest of the night we just relaxed and totally ignored the house work that needed to be done 🙂
Speaking of housework, I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with getting everything done lately.  So I’m trying to get better about knowing what I need to accomplish each day.  
I have created a To-Do List that covers the whole week and is divided into days.  I am determined to cross off all of the things each day.  
I’m also working on a Housekeeping Notebook….do any of you use a housekeeping notebook?  What all do you have in it and how has it helped you stay organized?
And an Update on Once a Week Cooking:  We really enjoyed all the meals!  I have to say it took a lot of stress off each day when I could leave work knowing that there was something we could eat for dinner and I didn’t have to rack my brain or scrounge for ingredients.  And the good thing for us is that the meals are each planned for four people, so we have dinner and then lunch is ready for the next day!
In other news:  I am now Tweeting on Twitter! My own account is hjabbott123 and our business twitter is HAbbottPhoto.  Please Follow us and let me know so we can follow you too!
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