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February 14, 2011
It’s a GOLD Victory!  College Night was SO much fun!  It was great to see some friends we haven’t seen in a while and to enjoy homecoming activities.
The Gold Show was AWESOME!  It was a new sort of Fairytale about the two wolf sons of The Big Bad Wolf.  It included a hilarious cast of characters including Granny and Little Red Riding Hood, The Boy who Formerly Cried Wolf, Goldilocks, Jill (without Jack) and lots of “Merry Villagers”.  
We knew it was going to be a Victory and we were so thrilled when they announced the winning secret phrase (a line from the show that is selected to be read as the way of telling who won) we were so thrilled to hear “This is Our Fairytale”!  

My brother, Isaac, and me at the College Night Basketball Game
His first alumni College Night! (Old Golds!)

Me and Harrison in our Black and GOLD 🙂
We are so proud of our side!
Looking forward to a busy, but great week!
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