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Life More Abundant

February 6, 2011

SOOOO I don’t usually write blog posts on Sundays, but I sit here with the need to write and so here I am.

(hmmm, I hope this doesn’t ruin the normal “Weekend Update” post for Monday, but ya know, changing it up is good…)

And yes, we have had a good week.  But I want to write more than “We did this and then we did that”.  I want my blog to be about more.

Our photography business focuses on “Capturing Life More Abundant” and that’s what I want to do here.  We believe that we, as Christians, have been given the gift of LIFE and not just a normal life, but life MORE ABUNDANT.

We have so many things to be thankful for, we have many opportunities to count our blessings.

So, I’m not sure how it will begin to come across immediately, but I want to refocus this blog on Life More Abundant.

SOOOO anyway….

Saturday we had the privilege of photographing two sweet families and their new babies!  In the morning we photographed Rachel‘s Family with their new son and just-turned-four-year-old daughter.  It was so sweet to see their family and how they love each other.

Then in the afternoon we met with Meita and Shane with their BRAND NEW addition, Nathan.  It is so amazing to see how small he is at just a few weeks old!  And already loved so much, so precious to see how he calms at the sounds of his Mommy’s voice.

We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to share life with these families and capture memories of their precious children.

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