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New House, Moving Day, Snow Days and a National Championship!

January 13, 2011

We are moved in to our NEW HOUSE!

We had a full week of packing, and packing and packing until our apartment looked like this:

Everything was ready for the big move, boxes packed, truck rented, and lots of friends and family ready to help!

Friday we went to Closing and signed about a million papers

We are homeowners! Friday night we spent running errands and standing in the house saying “This is our house…it’s ours!”

Saturday we had a WONDERFUL crew of friends and family volunteer their Saturday morning to help us move.  We are SO grateful for them and all their help.  From start to finish the moving only took us 4 Hours! We could not have done it without these sweet folks:

Sunday we went to church…just a five minute drive from our house:-)…and then in the afternoon we prepared for the coming “Winter Storm”.  I went to the store for flashlights and batteries and Harrison’s parents brought us some firewood in case we lost power.  Then it starting pouring ICE…it was a strange sound, but we were happy to be bundled up in the house and ready to be snowed in.

We didn’t really get any snow, but we got lots of ice to cover the roads and make it too dangerous to drive. So we both had the day off of work! It was a huge blessing to be stuck in doors and spend the time unpacking and getting settled.  Amazingly we got pretty much everything unpacked and put away within 48 hours of moving in, I would have never have expected that.  Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who did a lot of the work and encouraged me to keep going…even though I would really like to take a break after each unpacked box:-)

Living room (View from front door)

Living room/ looking into the kitchen

Master Bedroom

 Middle room (Office)
Kitchen (love all the cabinet space!)

 Master Bathroom
(more space on the other side of the door, but can’t see in this picture)

Front Bedroom (hard to take a picture…)

Other bathroom (definitely not finished:-))

Monday was also the perfect day to be off work so we could get ready for the National Championship Game! We are SO proud of our Auburn Tigers for their undefeated season and we were thrilled to scream and yell cheer them on throughout the game! And we’re so excited to be National Champions!! WAR EAGLE!!

Special treat for the game:-)

Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, we are so blessed to be in our new home EXACTLY when God always planned for us to be and EXACTLY how God planned for us to be!

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