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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and New House!

January 5, 2011

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas Holiday and New Years which included a WEEK off of work…and turned in to a week or so away from the blog too (he he he!).  But now I have SO much to catch up on!
Christmas Eve Harrison went to the house to make a few repairs that have to be done before we can close (I know, funny that we are fixing a house we don’t own yet, but the bank was supposed to do it, but we were advised that they would take FOREVER and then just tack the cost onto the price of the house.  So we decided to take care of it ourselves…), and I spent the morning cleaning up and decorating for Christmas!  We already had the tree up, but we had put off the other decorations, so I decided to do it last minute.
Some of our decorations:

That evening we went to the Christmas Eve service at our church and we were happy that both of our families were there! (My parents go to church with us, but Harrison’s parents decided to join us for the service) Then we went to Harrison’s parents house to share dinner and Christmas gifts!
My favorite part of Christmas this year was to NOT leave Harrison! It is so wonderful to be married and that we go home together at the end of the day!
Christmas morning we woke up and wasted no time in sharing gifts with each other.  Harrison got me a piano keyboard! I have wanted one, but it was a HUGE surprise and so sweet since I didn’t really even tell him. I got him an ESV Study Bible, which he has been wanting as well…and I bought it a few months ago and since then I’ve had to stop him from going and buying it multiple times.  
Another fun surprise this year was a white Christmas! It snowed on Christmas day and the day after like it never has in Alabama!

It didn’t stick for long, but it was fun to sit and watch the snow come down.
We went to my parent’s house Christmas afternoon, and then again Sunday afternoon when my sister-in-law and the boys came over from Atlanta.  It was a weekend filled with wrapping paper, food, nerf guns and Band Hero!
We enjoyed our time off and did a fair amount of staying up late and sleeping in.  But it went by pretty quickly and we enjoyed having some friends over to ring in the new year!
And now we are starting the year off with a very exciting adventure…we are moving into our first house!!
We weren’t supposed to close until later in the month, but the paperwork came through and we are closing on Friday and moving on Saturday! It is truly amazing to see God’s timing in this, even though we are surprised by this, He is not, He has known from the very beginning when we would move.
We are looking forward to a full and prosperous 2011 as we seek to be more Christ-like and to follow God’s plan for this year!

With our New Year’s Hats

Happy 2011!!

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  1. January 5, 2011 3:07 pm

    Cute! Happy New Year!

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