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Weekend with Kids

December 16, 2010
(I attempted to post this earlier in the week, but my camera wasn’t communicating with the computer properly:-( So here it is, just a little late!)

Well we started off the weekend with a bang and didn’t stop until halfway through the week!
Friday night, my youngest siblings, Jake and Emma, came to stay with us for the weekend.  They were SO excited to get to spend the night at our apartment and spend time with us.  We got pizza for dinner and then snuggled up on the couches to watch “Planet Earth” (if you haven’t seen this, it is a show done by BBC and the Discovery Channel and it shows all different parts of the earth and a TON of amazing animals! It is super interesting and really makes us sit back and consider how awesome God is to have created it all!).  The kids were really enthralled with it and watched until they couldn’t hold their eyes open.
Saturday morning we got the kids up and headed to do an Engagement Session for my sister and her fiance! (Look for pictures coming soon on our photography blog).  This session was particularly special because we did the session near a waterfall, which also happens to be where they are planning to get married next fall! 
After the session, we fed the kids and surprised them with a trip to The McWane Center.  They had so much fun going through all of the science exhibits, turning knobs, pulling ropes, climbing things, and then we headed upstairs to their special “Winter Wonderland” Exhibit! They played in “snow”, “ice fished” and looked at a giant model train display.

That night we headed back to the apartment and make Christmas Cookies.  We thought it was going to be a complete failure when the dough was too gooey to cut shapes, but we added some flour and some time in the fridge and managed to make it work.  Jake and Emma had so much fun and we just let them make a mess on the table…who cares?  We can clean it up!

In the midst of all the activity, we managed to sit for a few minutes to watch Cameron Newton of Auburn win the Heisman Award!! Who-hooo!! War Eagle!
Then it was back to more Planet Earth….they begged for it! 
Sunday morning we took the kids to church with us before my parents got home.
The rest of Sunday was filled with cleaning out some in our spare bedroom so we can get ready to PACK for the move!
Monday and Tuesday was work, Christmas shopping and Christmas party…now counting the days until we get a break for Christmas!
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