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Catching up…

December 8, 2010

I sat down and started to write an update the other day, and it seemed like so much to write and so long since I had blogged that I couldn’t organize my thoughts.
So for my very overdue writing has turned in to a list in order to catch up and move on (because if I don’t catch up, I’m likely to put it off until I can do it perfectly and then it’s a slippery slope to losing it altogether!)
Here is what has been going on with us:
Thursday, December 2nd – The seller accepted our offer and we signed a contract on the house!!!!
Saturday, December 4th – We attended the Membership class at Christ Community Church and completed the process to join! We are so excited to be a part of this wonderful church family….we will officially become members on the 19th.
Also, Auburn won the SEC Championship!! WAR EAGLE!! On to the National Championship Game!
Sunday, December 5th – Second Sunday of Advent.  I truly love this season of celebrating the birth of Christ.  Advent means “coming” and we celebrate the first Advent of Jesus at Christmas while we look forward to the second Advent when He returns!
December 6th and 7th – We have been desperately trying to remove a mistake from Harrison’s credit report so that we can complete our loan paperwork for the house.  The bank has been very difficult to deal with and taking a long time (we started this process the first week of November!).  Yesterday it really looked like they weren’t going to send us the paperwork we needed and we would have to go through the credit bureau which takes at least 180 days!  All we could do was pray that God would take care of it and provide what we needed.  And He did!! The paperwork finally came through last night and we are headed to the lender’s office today to sign for the loan! Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!!
Currently – We are still praying that the loan process and the closing process for the house will be quick.  We are hoping to be in the house before Christmas, and for that to happen it will have to be smooth sailing from here on out!  
Other than that, the Christmas music is on the radio, the coats and scarves have come out of storage, we are watching Christmas movies and getting very excited about our first Christmas as Husband and Wife!!
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