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Operation Thankfulness

November 18, 2010
I am very big on thankfulness and on saying thank you.  But we have really dropped the ball when it comes to wedding gift thank you’s.  “Proper etiquette” says you have six months to send out thank you notes after the wedding, well our six months is right around the corner and we’ve only written about thirty of them! But we REALLY appreciate everything we received!
So now it’s time for “Operation Thankfulness”, which not only includes being thankful for every day things, and the upcoming holiday, but also the writing of all of our thank you notes….before next week.  Think we can do it?? I guess we’ll see…
House Update:  We got a response on our house offer! We were a little disappointed because they countered higher than we hoped (we knew they would counter, we were just hoping it would be a little closer to our offer), but we are excited that things are moving!  We put in a counter offer (to their counter offer) today, so now it’s back to the waiting game.  We know that God is in control and ultimately it is His house to give us if He chooses.  So we’re still pretty excited!
In other news:  A lot going on this week in photography! We have edited photos and ordered prints, updated website info and pictures and worked on promotional materials.  Plus we have a few more shoots on the horizon!  We are so thankful for how God is growing the business, and we pray that it will continue to be a blessing to the people we photograph and to our family.
Hope everyone is having a good week so far…it’s almost over and Thanksgiving is coming!
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