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September 27, 2010

(Written Friday, but never posted, whoops!)
If you don’t live in Alabama you may not be aware of how UN-fall it is right now.  We celebrated the first day of fall this week, with temperatures in the 90’s!

So I was very happy to walk out to my car and find this little decoration…

It happened completely spontaneously and I know I couldn’t have decorated it like that if I tried.  I thought it looked pretty cute (although after some thought, I realized how impractical Windshield Wiper Decorations would be…), but mostly I’m just happy to see a few leaves changes colors and falling from the trees.  Maybe we will have an Autumn eventually.

Nothing much to report this week.  My grandmother is still with us, but probably not for much longer.  We covet your continued prayers for her comfort and for the pain to cease.

Our weekend plans include a little vehicle maintenance and watching the Auburn vs. South Caroline game, WAR EAGLE!!

(Now on to Monday, for Weekend Update)

I love Saturdays.  Especially in the Fall.  We had a great day, Friday night I made a list of things we needed to do Saturday and I was very excited when we accomplished EVERYTHING on the list! It was so nice to sit down  and see that everything was straight and neat and I could relax and enjoy.

We watched football on and off during the day, enjoying both the Alabama and Auburn games.  Laura and Andrew even came over for the Auburn game and we enjoyed hanging out with them.

Sunday started out as a yucky, rainy day.  But we went to church Sunday and heard a GREAT sermon on grace.  It’s so hard to remember sometimes that it’s not about what we “DO”.  Even as believers, sometimes we want to know what we can “Do” for God to make Him happy and to earn His favor.  But there is nothing we can do.  It is only because of His grace that we are saved, and there is nothing we can do to make God love us any more or any less.  His grace is FREE and He extends His grace to us and loves us unconditionally.  It’s not about what we do or who we are, but because of who Christ is and what He did.

So on to Monday with whatever it may bring…

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