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Just a Little Busy

September 16, 2010
It’s Thursday?!?  Well it has been quite a busy week so far!
Work has been normal…and for some reason has felt really long most days, but normal.
But for the first time in months our night time schedule has been full!
Monday night we started off with the church volley ball league at the church where I work.  Harrison and I are playing on a team with Lauren (who I work with) and her husband and some other couples from their community group.  The first night was a “little” disorganized, but they are still figuring out teams and how everything will work.  But we played a couple of games….let’s just say that I think our team has potential:-)  Look for pictures later in the “season”
Tuesday night we went to a Theology class at Oak Mountain (where we have been visiting).  It seems like it will be a really great (and intense!) class.  And I will point out that you know you’re a nerd when you get excited about a reading list.  I’ve been out of school too long.  But we are both pretty excited about it.  We will be reading this book:

Wednesday night we went to a Visitor’s Dinner for Oak Mountain at the Pastor’s house.  There were several visiting couples and individuals as well as some long-time members of the church.  It was encouraging to meet new people and to learn more about the church.
So that brings us up to today! We fully intend to sit at home and enjoy each other’s company tonight.  And I am hoping to get some writing done on my new project.
I have to admit, I like being just a little busy:-)
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