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Weekend Update, Cake included!!

September 14, 2010

Welcome back to the work week everybody!
We had a pretty relaxing weekend overall.  Friday night we ate dinner at home and then Harrison took me to get a smoothie from Starbucks….I didn’t know Starbucks served smoothies, but they do, and they are REALLY good!
Then we were gonna watch an episode of “The Office” on our netflix.  (For those of you who don’t watch The Office, I apologize for this information which I’m sure you have no desire to read…just “Skip to the End” if you like)  We happened upon the part of season 4 where Michael starts his own paper company, so at the end of the episode we watched, he and Pam were gone from the office.  Now, I was 100% sure that they would come back, it was only a matter of time.  Well, that matter of time happened to be about 4 episodes later!  And I couldn’t stand to leave them there, so we had to watch that many episodes to get them back.  Phew!
Saturday we spent some time in the morning just catching up around the apartment and spent time with each other.  Later we drove around looking at some neighborhoods and houses.  We are SO ready to start really looking for a house and I can’t wait! 

That afternoon we went to my sister’s house to celebrate her birthday. My mom made the YUMMIEST CAKE!  It was a cream puff cake (her own version of the one that Buddy from “Cake Boss” makes) and it was awesome!  Covered in cream puffs and chocolate covered strawberries…what more could you ask for?  
Yes…it was as good as it looks! YUM!!
Happy Birthday Rebekah!
Chocolate Strawberries:-)

Sunday we visited Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church for the second time.  We really enjoyed the service and the sermon.  So much so that we went back that night for a “New Comers Life Group” to learn more about the church and meet more people.  We are still praying that God will make it abundantly clear where we are supposed to be in church, and that we will be able to get plugged in and be involved in ministry.
Sunday afternoon, one of my good friends (and bridesmaid!), Leslie, got married!  The ceremony was a small, outdoor affair and everything was beautiful and very much fitting to the personality of the bride!  We were happy to be there to see them on their special day and to see some of my other sorority sisters that we haven’t seen in a while.

Sometimes I wish it was always the weekend…
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