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No More Mondays??

September 14, 2010
My siblings and I grew up watching the cartoon show “Garfield and Friends”.  There is one episode that I always remember where Garfield was having a particularly difficult time with Mondays.  He was given the opportunity to have one wish granted and his wish…. “No More Mondays”.  
Sometimes I wish for no more Mondays too.  I really like weekends where I can spend time with my husband, get the apartment nice and neat, watch a little football and relax.  
But later on in the episode Garfield finds out that with no Monday there is no Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, and there are lots of other good things that happen on those days.  So I will be thankful for Mondays, because even though I don’t want to get out of bed, Monday signals the day that begins the rest of the week, and all of those days are what make up our lives. 
With that being said, Monday was a little sad this week.  
We found out Saturday that an older man from the church where I grew up passed away Friday night.  He was eighty-five years old, but you would never know it! He was a very active man all through his life and I remember him always being around the church to fix something, whether it was a leaky water fountain or the paint on the church roof.  He was in great health, but he fell from a ladder last week, while doing some work.  The funeral was Monday and sitting in the church during the service was like being transported back fifteen years.  Some of the people who sang were members of that church when our family started attending years ago.  They might be older, but they look and sound the same when they sing.  Of course, after the service it made for a lot of hugs, greetings and “I can’t believe how grown up you are!” comments.  
But after sitting and listening to people remember this man, my prayer is that we will live to the end of our lives being as active as he was.  We desire to be involved in God’s mission in the community and in the world, and I pray that that will be a mission we never “retire” from.  
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