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Ready for the Weekend!

September 10, 2010
I can’t believe it’s Friday! Wow, this (short) week has flown by fast.  The three-day weekend really shortened the work week….except for the fact that we went back to our normal work schedule for the fall, which means we stay open until five.  Not really excited about that, but trying to think positive thoughts about it (so if anybody has positive thoughts about working until five on Fridays, please let me know so I can think them).
I am thrilled that it is football season!!  It’s the sport that makes fall one of my favorite times of year (my other favorites are Spring, Summer and Winter).  Last night was the second Auburn game of the season and the Tigers managed to squeak out a victory over Mississippi State.  We went to Wes and Stephanie’s house and watched the game with them and a few of Harrison’s other fraternity brothers.  We had a really great time watching the game (a little loud, but fun….ha ha), and then got to spend some time talking with Wes and Stephanie before we left, so we ended up staying until almost eleven….a late night for us!  But we really did have a good time.
Sorry to keep doing this…but we are still waiting to hear about the news.  I know it is such a cliff hanger and you are dying to know….but I can’t tell you yet.  Hopefully soon.
I would like to take a moment to remember that this weekend is September 11th.  I was thinking about that day and it’s beginning to seem so far in the past.  I feel like I was so much younger then and so much has changed.  I don’t believe in living in the past, but I know there is still hurt and sorrow for those whose lives were forever changed on that Tuesday morning and I am incredibly thankful to those who are still sacrificing for our country’s freedom.  To all the military personnel, families, wives, mothers and children: we are forever indebted to you.  
Happy Weekend Everybody! (after 5:00pm that is:-) )
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  1. September 11, 2010 1:01 pm

    i work until 5 everyday….so i can relate about the friday thing! just remember that the weekend doesn't start for the majority of people out there until 5 either….so you don't really have to miss out on anything! i hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!! xoxo

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