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Weekend Update

August 30, 2010
Well….I have to say that I think we had the most productive…and one of the most fun Saturdays in a while!!

Friday night we started some work cleaning up and cleaning out the apartment. And usually on weekends we mention half a dozen things that we would like to do, and end up doing one or two, just because we get so busy enjoying Saturday. So before we went to sleep we made a list of all the things we were going to do Saturday…and guess what….we did them ALL!!

We cleaned, did laundry, and even shopped for a few needed items.

And since we planned our “Saturday Chores” so well, we had plenty of time to do the things we wanted to do. You know, this being organized thing really works…

So we visited a new furniture store that was having its Grand Opening this weekend. It was fun just to walk around and sit on couches and beds and open drawers and look at mirrors. It makes me excited, looking at furniture and thinking about buying a house.

We also went to see my Grandmother for a little while that afternoon. We had a good time visiting with her and can’t wait to see her again over the holiday weekend in a few days (YES! Hooray for Labor Day!!)

Finally we went to an event in Verbena, Alabama called “En Fuego”. It is an outreach and worship focused event with several different bands and speakers. It’s held in a giant field….ok, Cow Pasture…and there are a TON of people there! We went to hear one of my favorite bands: Addison Road! But we went late in the afternoon so we had to drive 5 miles to the overflow parking lot. We then rode a charter bus FULL of people back to the site, trekked through the field with our bag chairs and finally settled in just in time to see the band come on stage.

But still worth it. I got chills when they sang “What do I know of Holy” (If you haven’t heard this song before, it is really incredible….please listen to it!)

Harrison and Me at En Fuego

What a day!

Sunday we visited a new church with some friends, which we really enjoyed. When we were discussing what we thought of the church I said “I really liked the music” and Harrison said “I really liked the preaching”. So that’s a Win-Win! We will see what happens there.

After enjoying lunch with Harrison’s parents and sister, we got to relax a little that afternoon before going to my triplet niece and nephews birthday party! It was at “Pump it Up” which is a kid’s party place with giant inflatable bouncy houses and slides….super fun! The triplets are turning four and my mom did a triple-themed birthday cake of Toy Story, Tinker belle and Cars (they each picked their own party). The kids all had a blast!

It was such a wonderful weekend!

At “Pump it Up”

Kennah with Papa Mac and Nonna

Triple Presents!!

The Super Awesome, Triple Theme Cake from my mom!

The Triplets and their cake, thanks Nonna!

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  1. August 31, 2010 5:50 pm

    Wow! What a busy weekend! Looks like you had a blast!

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