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Big Family

August 10, 2010

So, I realized today that I have never written about my family…yeah, I know you know “My Family” of me and Harrison…but our extended family is just a bit bigger.

I am one of eight children.

Yep, eight.

My parents have four biological children and four adopted children.

Our ages range from 30 all the way down to 7. (I am the third oldest)

In addition to that whole bunch, my oldest sister and her husband have 6 kids (all adopted) and my oldest brother and his wife have two boys.

That puts our grand total at 21 folks in the family.

Not to mention various other foster children that have come through our home over the years, totaling over thirty kids.

I have been explaining our family situation long enough to know some of the questions you are asking.

What was that like?

One word: Awesome. Ok, one more word: Challenging. My parents started fostering when I was sixteen, learning to take kids into your home and make them a part of your family is a growing experience. You learn to share your space, your time, and your heart. I can honestly say it has changed who I became. Because of all the children we met, I learned about situations I never would have experienced in my stable, Christian family home. I saw real NEEDS, kids who showed up on our doorstep with the clothes on their back and nothing else. Kids who didn’t understand why they couldn’t go home. It didn’t just teach me to appreciate what I have, it taught me to be more willing to give what I have away.

Is it hard when kids leave?

Of course. To be honest, some more than others. The first time we had kids live at our house and then leave, I thought my heart would break. But you have to learn to trust God that His ways are higher than our ways, and that His plan is the best. It is an incredible reminder that God often uses us for certain purposed for only a season.

Did you like being in a big family.

YES! I’m sorry, but I don’t know how you “only children” do it. At our house there was ALWAYS somebody around….which, as one of the older ones, usually meant there was somebody younger to watch as well, but oh well. Big families are fun and entertaining, stressful and busy, but all-in-all, really great.

Are your parents Crazy?!


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