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Weekend Update

July 26, 2010

When I got to work Monday morning, someone asked me what we had done this weekend…I totally blanked and couldn’t think, I guess it all just seemed like so long ago now that Monday had rolled around! But we did have some fun times!

Friday night we did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Who-hoo, it was so great. After a busy week of work and a lot of going and doing at night it was awesome just to sit and catch our breath. We did have pizza and watch a movie, and we did a little work on photography stuff…ok, ok, so it wasn’t absolutely nothing, but it was nice and relaxing.

Saturday morning we went to join the family at IHOP for my grandmother’s 79th birthday! Now when I saw the family, I really only mean “most” of us. My parents came with their 5 remaining kids at home, ranging in age from 22 to 7. Then my sister and her husband were there with their six kids. My aunt and uncle came and their son and his wife were there. My other aunt came minus her husband and their 12 kids, but her oldest son and his wife was there. And then, of course, me and Harrison and my grandmother. That’s right, 22 people…we took up the back half of the restaurant.

I would love to post the pictures for you, but my sister promised me she would email them to me and then took off to the beach for the week. LAME! just kidding, love ya! I have a few here, just not the big group…

Grandma’s Birthday Pancake….we lost the 9 that goes after the 7

Emma Louise and Grandma

After we left breakfast we made a quick trip to the Thrift Store where we picked up some fun baskets that I hope to work on and use for our baby photography sessions.

Then we made the trek out to Harrison’s grandparents and spent some time with them for the afternoon. It was really a sweet time of just talking and hanging out with them. And they told us some stories about when they were first married…and the places they lived, after that we had to agree that we have it pretty good! No more complaints about the size of the apartment.

Saturday night our friends, Andrew and Laura came over for dinner and a movie. Harrison and I made Hawaiian Chicken, Rice and Asparagus which turned out really yummy! We had some time to chat and then we watched “Bedtime Stories” and enjoyed ice cream.

Sunday morning we visited a new church. We really don’t want to leave our current church home, but the 45-55 minute drive is a little difficult to do every week. And we would really like to be some place close so that we can be more involved in the weekly activities of the church and ministry. We really enjoyed the church we visited! Everyone was very friendly and the teaching was really sound. We even went out to lunch with some folks that we knew from school who attend there (and some new people we just met!). So overall it was a very good experience and I think we will be returning soon!

That afternoon Andrew came back over to bring us a table and chairs that they offered us!! We have a table we have been using, but we didn’t have any chairs and so we have been sitting in camp chairs, and I have a hard time sitting up and reaching the table. We are so blessed to have this gift and we are so grateful!

Our new table!

And that about does it for the weekend update! How many days is it until Friday?
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  1. July 27, 2010 11:25 am

    Fun weekend! 22 people….woahhh!!! Crazy! Love the new table too 🙂

  2. July 27, 2010 5:14 pm

    hi! i just found your blog today! i hope you find a new church…that would be hard to make that drive every week. i'm excited to be following your blog!

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