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Almost lost a toe…

July 15, 2010

**GOOD NEWS!** Thanks to The Homesteading Apartment I found what I needed for my button! It is working now, please feel free to grab the button!

Sorry about not posting last night. It was a long day. After work we had planned to go to my parents house to pack up some of my stuff. Just thinking about that stressed me out. See, I lived in a basement room in my parents house when I graduated from high school, I then moved in and out of that room six times (3 out and 3 in ) while I was in college. After that I moved into an apartment for a year while I was in grad school. So even though I was technically living away from home when we got engaged, all my stuff still lived at the house. To complicate the matter, I moved home from my apartment for two weeks before the wedding, before moving to our new apartment. PHEW!

So all that to say, I have stuff EVERYWHERE. (because I forgot to mention that during my year of apartment living, all my siblings at home decided to swap rooms and I had to move stuff from the basement to the second story). But at least Mom fed us a FABULOUS dinner!

Anyway, we were there for several hours and a full car load and I’m pretty sure we barely scratched the surface. Oh well…we finished one room…

I seriously need to lose some of the pack rat-ness.

So by the time we got home we were exhausted. Which leads me to my next story.

This morning I was sleepily wondering around the kitchen trying to fix lunch for me and Harrison. He had brought home a fresh tomato from someone at work and had requested a tomato sandwich for lunch. So I threw some mayo on some bread cut a few slices of tomato and added a piece of cheese. Now the thing is we have these really great knives as I have mentioned before. But as I was carrying the tomato/bagel knife to the sink I somehow managed to drop it just on the edge of the sink where is proceeded to bounce before dropping to the floor.

Yep, that’s right….

It landed square on my big toe.

Yep, that’s right…..

It cut me.

Yep, that’s right….

There was blood….and tears.

Thirty minutes, a half a roll of paper towels and a trip to CVS (for Harrison) later, we decided that I did NOT have to go to the emergency room. I just have band-aids and a little limp. We’re still not sure how deep the cut is, but hopefully it will grow back together.

Harrison said he’s just glad it wasn’t the chef’s knife….

Hopefully your Thursday morning was less eventful than ours!

And check back later to hear more updates on the Photography business!

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