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Weekend Update

June 28, 2010
**Due to technical difficulties Monday’s post is posting on Tuesday…oh well**

Luckily my weekend starts early since we close the office at 3pm instead of 5pm, so Friday when the clock said time to go, I went!

I headed over to Hancock Fabrics in Hoover (which, by the way, has moved since I updated my GPS…

poor Ziggy (the GPS) was very confused) and guess what…they were having a 1/2 OFF SALE!!

I wandered around a little while, trying to familiarize myself and not just buy every cute fabric in sight. However, I did find this fabric :

which I will be making these shorts/capri pants out of.

I also got this cute polka dot fabric

which I planned to make a cute sundress out of. We’ll see how that goes.

Finally, I had seen these instruction for a cute zipper pouch which I really want

ed to make, and I bought this fabric piece for that.

Now I am awaiting the patterns (which are both in route) and a good day to pick up the sewing machine from my parents’ house. Stay tuned for those updates!

Saturday was quite eventful. Harrison went to help out some of our good friends with some handyman work at their new house. He was deemed the expert of tools and fix-it activities, and I was so proud to have such a handy husband!

While Harrison was working on his one man and a toolbox routine, I was out shopping. I badly needed some new clothes for work and I’m happy to say I was pretty organized and thoughtful about the

items I purchased and increased my wardrobe with minimal damage to the budget.

Finally, Saturday night we went to our friends Angie and Derick’s wedding! Angie is my sorority sister (Chi Omega!) from Montevallo. They had a very sweet ceremony and a great reception! It was a

so much fun to see lots of my other sorority sisters that I haven’t seen in a while (or at least since our own wedding!).

Sunday was no less eventful than Saturday! We went to two church services in the morning, one at a church in Birmingham and then one at our own church in Clanton. Then we spent the afternoon with my parents at the lake…I’m in desperate need of a tan before the 4th of July!

But my **favorite part of the day** is that I made my very first peach cobbler with honest-to-goodness Chilton County, Alabama Peaches!

A friend from church (in Clanton, which is in Chilton County, peach capital of

the state…if you don’t believe me, just check out th

e giant Peach water tower!) gave us a bag of peaches and I have been wanting to make peach cobbler.

So last night I googled “Peach Cobbler Recipe” and found great instruction here.

For my first try I would say it went pretty well. The only thing I would do differently in the future is that I made it in a rounded dish, so the peaches kind of sank down funny in to the curves, while the topping didn’t move. Overall though, not too bad. We ate it with vanilla ice cream of course!

Well, that’s about all for the weekend. Now it’s just Monday, Monday Monday and I am already looking forward to the long weekend coming up!

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  1. July 2, 2010 5:13 pm

    Ok so I'm catching up on your blog since I just started following you and see that you went to Montevallo and you're talking about Hoover and HANCOCK FABRIC!!! (Which I miss terribly…) We're originally from Birmingham, and we don't have a Hancock or a Jo-Anns in Auburn, so I pulled the husband to Montgomery with me this afternoon to grab some fabrics! 🙂

  2. July 2, 2010 8:52 pm

    Cute fabrics! Hooray for sewing! And hooray for fresh Chilton County peaches!Are you guys living in Clanton? My parents moved there in October & go to First Baptist Clanton. Where are you guys going to church? Seems like you are loving married life! So happy for you! 🙂

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